Optometry - Ms Lee Zanatta, Optometrist, has an optometry practice here, and provides a full range of services. These are “bulk-billed”. Please enquire at reception.

Psychology - Tony Silber is avialable by consultation

MoleMap - Molemap services attend here on a fortnightly basis with a registered nurse performing skin checks / scans, and the results of these are reviewed by a dermatologist.

Pathology - on site collection of blood, performing ECGs etc are done here by our practice nurse.

Dentistry - Drs. Tim & Michelle Van run the dental practice on the premises. Please note that this is a separate practice, and the Drs. Van operates their own appointments and fee schedule. Details are available from reception.

Pharmacy - There are many pharmacies within walking distance of this practice .

The two closest are:- Fourway Pharmacy 282a Huntingdale Rd. Huntingdale, and Paul Neath Pharmacy 186d Huntingdale Rd. Oakleigh.

Hospitals / Specialists - The practice has a close affiliation with Monash Medical Centre at the Clayton & Moorabbin Campus’, and in addition, has close ties with various specialists in a number of medical fields.

Please be aware that it is extremely difficult to find a specialist in private practice that “bulk bills” non health-care card holders, and indeed some card holders.

Nursing Homes - There are a number of nursing homes in the vicinity, and Dr. Stiebel will continue to attend to any patient of the practice who is admitted